Securely access all devices using zero sign on

Securely access all devices using zero sign on.

Our Solutions

Unified Endpoint Security and Protection

Increase productivity minimise risk.

Organizations need to securely access and easily manage their business data on any endpoint used by their employees, contractors, and frontline workers.

Today’s modern digital workplace includes the use of diverse endpoints such as iOS, macOS, Android, Windows 10 based devices as well as other immersive and rugged devices such as HoloLens, Oculus, Zebra and more.

The need for managing privacy and compliance, and minimizing risk are necessitating the need to and protect corporate apps from the personal apps of their users’ endpoint devices. There is a need for a secure unified endpoint management solution that also provides a superior user experience.

Knovation Solutions offers a mobile-centric security platform to securely access and protect data across your digital workplace. Our security approach validates the device, to ensure that only authorized users, devices, apps, and services can access business resources. You realize a delightful, native user experience across any endpoint.

Our Endpoint Management solution puts enterprise security at the centre of your enterprise and allows you to build upon it with enabling technologies to eliminate passwords (zero sign-on, ZSO), to ensure user authentication (multi-factor authentication, MFA) and to detect and mitigate endpoint security threats (mobile threat defense, MTD).

Secure Access, Zero Trust, Zero Sign On

For entities to better survive and thrive in a digital world, there is a greater need for speed and adaptability in how they approach cyber security.

Zero Trust releases the shackles from IT, enabling businesses to strip away cumbersome and expensive security controls, and build a more dynamic, efficient and customer-orientated technology platform. A new “Never Trust Always Verify” approach to cyber security threats.

All communications, regardless of location, are treated from the same starting point of having no inherent trust. Trust is established by a dynamic policy, informed by a range of signals –from behavioural analytics to threat intelligence -and is constantly revalidated.

Key drivers & benefits for Zero Trust:

  • Digitalisation increasing IT complexity and cost
  • Increased sophistication in cyber security vulnerabilities
  • Rapid development of digital offerings being constrained by rigid cyber security controls
  • Shift to the cloud demanding new approach to securing critical business data
  • Increasingly mobile workforce working from anywhere on any device
  • Demand for easier business collaboration requires a more agile approach to security
  • Increased cost of compliance

Knovation Solutions, through its trusted partners, offers a zero sign on (ZSO) framework capability that replaces passwords with mobile devices as the user ID. Core enablers include:

  • Provide passwordless access to any business app or cloud service (including Microsoft Office 365)
  • Deliver consumer like authentication experience to the enterprise through biometrics
  • Eliminate the hassle and secure risk of passwords
  • Ensure only verified users, devices, apps and networks can access business resources

Mobile Application Security & Threat Protection

Securing the modern workforce. Mobile needs protection: “60% of endpoints accessing confidential corporate resources are mobile devices”

Knovation Solutions, in conjunction with their partner, provides a managed service that secures mobile devices and applications to access enterprise data in a safe and secure manner.

Key drivers of digital transformation that requires this service:

  • Remote working
  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Office 365
  • Mobile apps
  • Zero Trust
  • Compliance mandates

Our solution offers a detection engine that uses machine learning to provide real time on-device protection against both known and unknown threats. Specifically, Phishing sites, Network attacks, Malicious apps and Device attacks.

A 360° Mobile Protection Platform offering that encompasses – Mobile endpoint protection, Mobile app protection, the Security ecosystem, and Threat research & services

Unified Endpoint Management

For the everywhere workplace!

Working from anywhere on any device is the new norm!  This implies endpoint management needs to become smarter and more autonomous over time. A unified endpoint management system creates a single set of user access and security policies and deploys them consistently and fluidly across all user devices

Knovation Solutions, in conjunction with our partner, offers the following core capabilities as part of our comprehensive UEM solution:

  • Discovery and Inventory
  • Remote control and remote actions
  • Software and application delivery
  • State and configuration management
  • Modern device management
  • End user personalisation
  • Patch management
  • Integrated endpoint security
  • OS provisioning – legacy and modern
  • Power management
  • Reporting and dashboards

Ivanti® Endpoint Manager increases user and IT productivity. It empowers administrators to automate software and operating systems deployments, quickly fix user issues and discover device and software assets. Endpoint Manager integrates with multiple Ivanti solutions within a unified management experience—reducing operational overhead, providing crucial data, and delivering quick ROI

Enterprise Service Management (ITSM)

Good service matters!

The choice of a great enterprise service management partner is about delivering consistently good end user experience while improving service and outcomes across the organisation.

Today’s enterprises require a robust, cloud-based solution to effectively manage IT services, IT assets and data security threats.  Knovation Solutions, in partnership with Ivanti, offers an enterprise level management strategy tool that optimises workflows and easily integrates with other existing software solutions.  Ivanti’s broad suite of features can enhance performance across all departments of an organisation.

Ivanti finds, heals and protects every device, everywhere – automatically. Whether your team is down the passage or spread around the globe, Ivanti makes it easy and secure to do what they do best.

Key benefits include:

  • Total service desk efficiencies
  • Total HR employee onboarding efficiencies
  • License reclamation
  • Coding talent efficiencies
  • Increased accuracy in testing, configurations and analytics
  • Enhanced employee experience
  • Total consolidation
  • License cost efficiencies
  • Improved endpoint management, security and regulation compliance


Start small and grow as and when you need to:

  • Foundational – Incident management, Knowledge management, Self-service, Service request and service catalogue, Mobile, Dashboards and reporting, Survey, Xtraction, Automation
  • IntermediateProblem management, Change management, Configuration management, Service level management
  • Comprehensive – Event management, Availability management, Financial management, portfolio and project management

Endpoint Location Intelligence

Track, Locate, Navigate and Manage your entire Mobile Workforce!

Location Intelligence offers a multi-pronged approach in both the short and long term to create new revenue generating opportunities for your organization. In the short term, increase efficiency through managing mobile device permissions across your areas of operation with our dynamic Geofencing service. In the long-term, our analytics service will identify new revenue generating opportunities while also identifying cost-saving measures.


  • A comprehensive, top-down view of the movement of your organisation.
  • Review geographic data to make informed decisions in real time.
  • Optimise routes to increase efficiency and improve service delivery

Key benefits:

  • Location intelligence and geofencing for devices
  • Trigger rules for specific activities and/or behaviours
  • Digital proof of delivery, scanning, photo uploads and signature capture
  • Optimise routing to locations with navigation
  • Automate mobile workflow processes
  • Maximise mobile device capability while managing mobile usage costs